Ted MATUNGA – Associate Director

Ted MATUNGA is a Chartered Accountant of ONEC (National Order of Chartered Accountants in the DRC) under number ONEC/EC/000084/16.He has 9 years of professional experience in Auditing and Statutory Auditing, Public Accounting and Tax Engineering.

He spent most of his career at AJM & Associates where he reached the position of Manager, before joining BMCG as Associate Director in charge of Audit & Accounting service lines. His assignments helped him gain a thorough knowledge of the financial and auditing problems in various sectors: Banking, Insurance, Real Estate, Diplomatic, Telecommunications, Mining & Energy, Distribution, Transportation, Cosmetics, Agro-Food, Textile, etc.

Ted also participated in several projects funded by multilateral donors. In this regard, he took part in missions to transform public companies into commercial companies, including the National Electricity Corporation of Congo (SNEL).

Ted graduated as an Engineer in Audit and Management Control (2006) from the Higher Institute of Commerce and Distribution Techniques (INSTECH) of Abidjan.