Tax, Legal and Social Advisory

In addition to Audit and Accounting assignments, we work in a multidisciplinary approach by allocating our experts in tax, labor law and OHADA business law. Therefore, in an environment where tax and parafiscal regulations change regularly, we ensure the tax and legal follow-up for our clients so that they can focus on their core business.

In these areas, we deliver services in:

Tax Management

  • Determining which taxes the company is subject to
  • Preparation of tax returns (VAT, Corporate Income Tax, Tax on Remuneration, Tax on Rental Income, Property Tax, etc.)
  • Registration with social entities and preparing social declarations (National Social Security Institute, National Training Institute, National Employment Office)
  • Preparation of tax returns at the end of the financial year
  • Drafting of correspondence with tax authorities
  • Assistance in tax inspection
  • Tax optimization
  • Researching tax benefits associated with the tax system
  • Tax audit within the limit of the tax period

Payroll Management and Labor Law

  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Establishment of pay slips
  • Calculation of severance payments (termination arrangements)
  • Social Audit


  • Company’s incorporation and choice of legal form
  • Implementation of statutory changes during the life of the company
  • Legal secretariat (convocations, minutes, register updating, legal formalities, etc.)
  • Legal restructuring: merger, transfer, split
  • Legal follow-up

Our references in this field

  • Outsourcing of the Tax management for a mining company based in Goma whose activities are governed by the Mining Code
  • Tax assistance for a communication agency (subsidiary of an international media group) and monitoring of the variety of sectoral taxes
  • Legal transformation into a commercial company of an economic interest grouping establishing the first interbank electronic payment platform in the DRC