We want to attract and retain ambitious professionals, motivated to participate in the development of an expanding firm. Leadership, initiative and intellectual rigor are the fundamental skills we expect from our employees.

To foster our growth, we are looking for experienced profiles in Auditing, Accounting, Finance, Taxation and Management Consulting. If you have at least 5 years of successful experience in these areas and want to take on new challenges, BMCG offers challenging career opportunities in senior and middle-level positions.

We are also looking for junior profiles willing to start or consolidate a professional career in our areas of expertise. If you are a recent graduate with excellent academic results or have a first professional experience that you want to strengthen, a career at BMCG will enable you to quickly acquire skills while addressing a wide variety of sectors and industries. A first experience in an audit and consulting firm is a definite asset.

If you are considering a career at BMCG, please send us your resume and a cover letter to

Recruitment Process

For selected profiles, the recruitment process at BMCG consists of 3 steps.

The first step is an introduction interview. It is conducted by one of the firm’s partners. The interview aims to learn more about your previous achievements and to evaluate your motivation. We also spend a significant part of this interview to discuss your extra-professional and extra-academic achievements.

The second step is the most intensive as it takes place in 3 stages:

  1. The tests: The applicant will take two tests. One test is to evaluate his/her accounting skills and the other is to evaluate his/her knowledge of Excel.
  2. The written question: The applicant will develop in writing the answer to a practical problem. Usually, the questions address implantation strategies of companies on African markets or cases encountered with our clients. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate the applicant’s reasoning, argumentative ability and economic culture.
  3. Oral defense: a significant time is allocated to the oral presentation of the written question (see above). This presentation is performed in front of one of the partners, accompanied by a Manager or a Director of the service line for which the candidate is approached. This step aims to evaluate the applicant’s oral skills and acts as a second interview.

If the second step is deemed conclusive, then a third step is scheduled with the Managing Partner. The last step is intended to discuss the conditions of employment and your professional project within BMCG.