Corporate Finance and Management Consulting

a. Corporate Finance Consulting

With regard to financial management, measuring expected results involves constant planning, modeling and monitoring. Based on experience gained from different clients and in different industries, BMCG offers its customers technical know-how and tools to help them control each step of the finance function. Our consultants work by your side to ensure the greatest financial clarity and support you in:

  • Preparing a business plan
  • Budget control and cost analysis
  • Business valuation and founds rising
  • Preparing the projected financial statements
  • Implementing the management control
  • Treasury management

b. Management Consulting

Furthermore, a growing company is automatically confronted with the challenge of organizational development. At BMCG, we consider that the structure of an organization must first align with its objectives and strategy. To ensure this alignment, our consultants undertake organizational audit and restructuring missions with our clients. These assignments intend in particular to define the strengths and options for improvement of the respective organizations. Based on a thorough analysis of the missions and the culture of these organizations, our recommendations aim to encourage their performance by adapting their functional structure and governing bodies. In addition to these organizational missions, we also assist companies in preparing management procedures manuals, to help them comply with Article 16 of the OHADA Uniform Act on the organization and harmonization of business accounting, which recommends that companies prepare the documentation describing their accounting procedures and organization.

Our references in this field

  • Modeling and analysis of the cost of the retirement indemnities for the staff of a diplomatic representation over the period 2014-2033
  • Preparation of projected financial statements for a service company raising financing from local banks
  • Drafting of job profiles and administrative, accounting and financial management procedures manual for an international organization based in Kinshasa