Audit and Statutory Audit

After the OHADA laws were introduced in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the requirements for auditing and certification of accounts were strengthened for companies. For this reason the appointment of an external auditor is now mandatory for all limited companies, but also for limited liability companies that meet two of the following three conditions:

  • Annual turnover exceeding FCFA 250,000,000 (≈ USD 425,000)
  • Balance sheet total exceeding FCFA 125,000,000 (≈ USD 212,500)
  • Permanent staff over 50 people

As the statutory auditor is to be appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders, the auditors of BMCG carry out statutory audit missions within this legal framework.

In addition to this, we also carry out contractual audit assignments, targeted to specific accounts (fixed assets, inventories, third-party accounts, cash, etc.), or focusing on the following types of review:

  • Implementation and review of Accounting Procedures
  • Implementation and review of Internal Control
  • Implementation and review of Internal Audit

As part of our contractual assignments, we support our clients by recommending measures to ensure the control of financial and operational risks. These measures are converted into action plans enabling the introduction of tools and procedures necessary for effective financial control.

In addition, our firm complies with IFAC Code of Professional Ethics. We work in a professional manner to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction.